I am a wife who has been through a journey towards everlasting love. During these years, I longed for someone to prepare me for the times in my marriage when the “worse” makes itself truly known and you have to decide if your response with your husband is to fight or flight. I can say that our choice to fight for our marriage was the right choice. After five years of marriage, our marriage is still technically new to some, but thats the point of this blog, is to speak to the wives who are new in marriage. Five years is nothing to sneeze at as some people, sadly, do not even make it past a year these days.

My goal is not to talk anyone out of love or marriage but to prepare women for the truth based on my real life experiences. Most married couples do not talk about what happens behind closed doors for fear of others judgement. Well the doors are now opened. Judge away. You may disagree with the choices that I made or we made, or you may agree, but in the end use our decisions for reflection on your own. Use our experiences to gain a better understanding on how you can either handle a similar issue or avoid a similar outcome. The choice is yours but at least you’re aware. As the end goal is to keep your marriage in tact, stay in love with the man who made you feel like you were the only woman in the world, and continue down a path of wedded bliss.

Just like we clean and maintain our cars, put a coat of shine on the outside and make sure its tires sparkle, take it to the shop to ensure that its engine can withstand another hundred thousand miles, and put a new air freshener in to give it that “new” smell again, our marriages deserve the same attention. We should be continually checking to see if the “warning light” is on in our marriage and put forth the time and attention to make sure that it gets maintenance it needs. Lastly, nothing ever looks good when it stinks, so we need to work towards maintaining that “new marriage smell”.

I hope that by offering a look into my life and love during our first five years of marriage will not only help any new wife, but help a new wife to be better in her marriage. I have learned so many lessons over these past five years and I cant wait to learn so many more as I stick around with my husband for many more years to come.